Vision, Business Idea and Strategy

Vision and Business Idea

Lipigon's business model is centred around developing innovative medications for lipid-related diseases, independently or in partnership with other companies.

Lipigon's vision is to improve and extend the lives of patients suffering from diseases related to high blood lipids. Currently, there aren't sufficiently effective treatment options for these patients. Millions of individuals are enduring significant suffering and facing an increased risk of secondary illnesses while awaiting a new type of treatment. We aim to address their needs by providing treatments with new, unique, and effective mechanisms of action.

Our goal is to become a world-leading player in our field and the preferred collaborative partner for big pharma.


Lipigon's strategy is to develop a broad portfolio of drug candidates for lipid-related diseases. Initially, Lipigon focuses on advanced diseases or genetically defined patient segments where it's possible to identify treatment effects early in clinical development. This approach enables studies with fewer patients, shorter timelines, and reduced development costs, thereby mitigating development risk.

In certain instances, Lipigon has the potential to secure orphan drug status, further reducing development risk and creating opportunities for market exclusivity and competitive pricing. In the long term, Lipigon also contemplates expanding its scope to encompass the treatment of common diseases, such as dyslipidemia and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, using the same medication.