Key Persons Explain

Lipigon is a leader in the field of lipid biology, focusing on how the body processes fats. Our expertise is based on over 50 years of pioneering research in lipid-related diseases. Meet some of Lipigon's key persons and gain insight into their efforts in developing medications for diseases stemming from disruptions in lipid metabolism.

"What is Genetic Validation?"


Lipigon's Clinical Scientist Fredrik Landfors' research provides strong scientific support for targeting drugs towards ANGTPL4, the target protein for Lipigon's drug candidate Lipisense®. Central to the work is genetic validation.

What Happens in Phase II?


In 2024, Lipisense® enters into clinical Phase II studies. Stefan Pierrou, Clinical Development Officer at Lipigon, explains what this entails and the steps that lie ahead now.

Lipisense® Effectively Reduces Blood Levels of Cholesterol and Triglycerides in Animal Models


An equivalent of Lipisense® for mice effectively reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. This has been demonstrated in a study using the atherosclerosis disease model.

"Our ambition is to Become a World Leader in Lipid-Related Diseases"


Lipigon is a project portfolio company with several exciting projects in the pipeline. CEO Stefan K. Nilsson shares the company's strengths, growth opportunities, and future prospects in pharmaceutical development.

ANGPTL4 - a Promising Target Protein for Treating ARDS


Lipigon's ARDS drug development project has the potential to improve the survival rate of patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). Project leader Masoumeh Motamedi describes the benefits of focusing on the protein ANGPTL4 and the latest research in the field.

Triglycerides – the Unknown Blood Fats


Most people are aware that high cholesterol levels are not good and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, not as many people are familiar with the other type of "dangerous" blood fats – triglycerides – which also need to be monitored and maintained within certain limits for health reasons. Gunilla Olivencrona, Prof.em. at Umeå University, co-founder of Lipigon, board member, and senior consultant, explains why.

A New Era for Lipigon – First Human Receives Lipisense®


On May 31, 2022, Lipigon initiated the first clinical study of Lipisense®, with the first human ever receiving the drug candidate. Stefan Pierrou, the project management lead for drug development at Lipigon, provides insights into the significance of this event and what the future holds.

How Lipigon Operates


Lipigon is pursuing four active development projects involving standard small molecules, gene therapy, and RNA drugs. "We choose the method or technology that best suits our target proteins, allowing us to think and work very freely," says CEO and founder Stefan K. Nilsson, describing the different approaches here.

How Does the Target Protein in Lipisense® Work


Prof. Sander Kersten, scientific advisor to Lipigon, is one of Europe's leading researchers in molecular metabolism, investigating the role of specific proteins in the body's lipid metabolism. In this interview, he discusses the target protein ANGPTL4 in the antisense drug Lipisense®, which is being developed to treat elevated blood lipids.

What are Lipids?


Lipids, commonly known as fats, have vital functions in the body, but in the wrong quantity and in the wrong place, they can cause serious diseases. Gunilla Olivencrona shares further details in this article.