Patent Strategy

Lipigon's patent strategy is built on the foundation of securing robust protection for both their ongoing and forthcoming product ventures. Our existing patent portfolio serves as a testament to how multiple projects can evolve through a meticulously structured patent strategy.

In November 2019, we initiated applications for three distinct patents under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for our flagship project, P1, Lipisense®. Subsequently, these applications were consolidated into a single patent that is currently progressing through various national phases. In tandem, new development projects, closely aligned with the principles of P1, are in the preliminary stages of planning. Furthermore, P4, ARDS, harnesses elements of the same patent family. In P4, compounds targeting the ANGPTL4 protein, which had already undergone optimization within P1, are being effectively leveraged.

To expedite the patent process in the United States, Lipigon submitted a fast-track application. In October 2023, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) gave final approval and granted a patent covering Lipisense®. Read the press release here.

For the out-licensed P2 project, focused on lipodystrophy, CombiGene AB (publ) has assumed the role of the patent applicant since August 2020.

Within the domain of P3, dyslipidemia, patents to safeguard specific compounds will be pursued post-completion of chemical optimization. In scenarios where Lipigon ventures into orphan drug development, the acquisition of orphan drug status will also be actively pursued.

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