Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee shall perform its duties in accordance with this instruction and applicable regulations. This instruction is proposed to remain in effect until a later upcoming general meeting decides to amend it. The committee's tasks include, among other things, making proposals for:

  • Chairman at the annual general meeting,

  • The number of board members elected by the general meeting,

  • Chairman and other board members elected by the general meeting,

  • Remuneration for the board, including the division between the chairman and other board members, as well as any compensation for committee work,

  • If applicable, the election of an auditor,

  • Auditor's fees, and

  • Any changes to the Nomination Committee's instructions.

  • At a general meeting other than the annual general meeting, the Nomination Committee's proposals shall include the election(s) to be held at the meeting, as applicable.

The Nomination Committee for the Annual General Meeting in 2024 consists of:              

  • Mattias Eriksson, represents Fort Knox Förvaring AB

  • Fredrik Lindgren, representsRekonstructa AB

  • Jan Wahlström, represents Magbaleo AB

  • Lars Öhman, Chairman of the Board at Lipigon Pharmaceuticals and board member of Kubator Therapeutics AB

    Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the nominating committee can do so to the committee's chairman, Jan Wahlström, via email at, or by phone at 073 232 39 26. To be considered by the nominating committee, proposals should be received no later than March 31, 2024.