Lipigon initially focuses on rare diseases that may qualify for orphan drug status or niche indications, potentially reducing the time and costs of market entry. This also provides opportunities for market exclusivity and attractive pricing.

The company's drug development efforts revolve around four drug projects: P1 Lipisense, P2 Lipodystrophy, P3 Dyslipidemia, P4 ARDS.

All these projects, due to their mechanisms of action, have the potential to target broader indications.

Three of the projects primarily aim to treat diseases related to lipid management, while the fourth project is focused on the treatment of acute and severe lung diseases. The project furthest along in development is Lipisense® (P1), which entered clinical trials in the spring of 2022. Lipisense® is an RNA-based drug candidate aimed at reducing triglyceride levels in patients' blood.