Management and Advisors

Stefan K. Nilsson CEO and Co-Founder

Born in 1979.

Stefan has been the CEO since 2016. He holds a doctorate in medicine with a focus on blood lipids and is the founder of Lipigon. He is a biomedical engineer, holds a master's degree in entrepreneurship, and has a background in medicine.

Other roles: Board member of Bygda Sochne AB and Betulaceae Pharmaceuticals AB.

Direct and/or indirect ownership of shares: 1,932,265.

Direct and/or indirect ownership of subscription options: 52,500 units TO3 and 790,715 subscription options 2023/2027. 

Hugo Petit CFO

Born in 1970.

Hugo assumed the role of CFO in 2023. He holds a master's degree in Organizational and Behavioral Sciences from the Dutch Military Academy in Breda, and an MBA in Executive Management from Uppsala University. Hugo brings 18 years of experience from various CFO roles in both publicly listed and private growth companies, primarily within the life science sector.

Other positions: CFO at XNK Therapeutics AB, CFO at Zwipe AS, board member at Abilia Holding AB, Catator AB, and Petit Consulting AB.

Direct and/or indirect shareholdings: 100,000.

Direct and/or indirect holdings of warrants: 789 000 units 2023/2027 and 200,000 units TO3.

Stefan Pierrou Chief Development Officer

Born in 1965.

Stefan assumed the role of Chief Development Officer in 2020. He holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology and has accumulated 20 years of experience in project management within drug development. He has a background in various positions at AstraZeneca, and a broad expertise panning from preclinical development to clinical trials.

Other positions: CEO of ESP Life Sciences Consulting.

Direct and/or indirect shareholdings: 113 437 (via company).

Direct and/or indirect holdings of warrants: 25,725 units TO3 and 527 143 units 2023/2027.

Scientific Advisors

Lipigon has a network of leading scientific advisors in the field of lipid-related diseases. Their role involves providing guidance and expertise on specific matters, as well as optimizing the company's preclinical and clinical studies. The members of the scientific advisory board include:

Dr. Maj Hedtjärn, molecular biologist and RNA drug expert.

Dr. Troels Koch, chemist and RNA drug expert.

Prof. Jörg Heeren, expert in lipoprotein metabolism.

Prof. Sander Kersten, world-renowned authority in ANGPTL research.

Dr. Ludger Scheja, senior scientist, diabetes expert, and former researcher at Eli Lilly.