The European Lipoprotein Club (ELC) is the oldest and most active European meeting in the field of lipids. ELC was established in 1977 in order "to promote active participation, collaboration and exchange of ideas concerning basic and clinical research on the structure, function and metabolism of lipoproteins in health and disease". The ELC currently comprises over 500 scientists from more than 20 countries in Europe and abroad, and the number grows every year. The ELC is thus a worldwide network of basic scientists and clinicians involved in lipoprotein research. The network is strengthened and expanded by contacts established at the ELC meetings, and fostered by the exchange of ideas, clinical material, techniques and young visiting investigators "This is a very nice recognition of our research and it feels great to be in the midst of world class science for 5 years (ELC committee member terms). This is not only a personal privilege for me as interested in lipid research but also of great benefit for Lipigon - for both current and future programs" said CEO Stefan K Nilsson.


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About Lipigon Pharmaceuticals

Lipigon was founded by leading scientists in the field lipid biology. Lipigon is currently focusing on the discovery and development of first-in-class treatments for lipid related diseases in the orphan space. For more information please visit:


Lipigons VD Dr. Stefan K Nilsson väljs in i The European Lipoprotein Club (ELC), det äldsta och mest aktiva europeiska nätverket inom lipidfältet. ELC etablerades 1977 för att främja samarbete och utbyte av idéer inom grundforskning och klinisk forskning på lipoproteiner (blodfettskomplex).


Lipigon Pharmaceuticals ("Lipigon") tillkännagav idag att bolaget har tecknat avtal avseende validering av målprotein för läkemedelsutveckling med Secarna Pharmaceuticals ("Secarna") som är specialiserat på RNA-behandlingar genom s.k. antisens-teknologi. Målet är att tillsammans utveckla ett läkemedel som är best-in-class för behandling av allvarliga former av dyslipidemi (allmänna blodfettsrubbningar) och närliggande sjukdomar.


Lipigon Pharmaceuticals ("Lipigon") announced today that it has entered into a Target Validation Research Agreement with Munich-based antisense therapeutics company Secarna Pharmaceuticals ("Secarna"). The goal is to co-develop a best-in-class drug for treatment of severe forms of dyslipidemia and related lipid disorder driven diseases.


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