Lipigon and HitGen achieve milestone in dyslipidemia project collaboration

Lipigon Pharmaceuticals AB ("Lipigon"), developer of therapeutics for lipid-related diseases, today announced that the company has successfully completed the first small molecule screening with HitGen Inc. ("HitGen") within the frame of Lipigon's dyslipidemia project. This concludes the first important step in the joint venture to develop a small molecule compound for treatment of dyslipidemia and cardiometabolic disease.

Lipigon and HitGen will with joint efforts develop molecules enhancing the enzyme lipoprotein lipase ("LPL"), which plays a critical role in breaking down fat in the blood. LPL is a well-validated target for lipid disorders where Lipigon has more than 50 years of research experience. The next step of the hit validation will be performed by Lipigon in the coming months.

Using HitGen's proprietary DEL screening platform, the parties have identified novel small molecules consisting of LPL binders that could be starting points for developing a drug candidate. Selective LPL binders have not previously been reported by others. Compared to traditional high-throughput screening, HitGen's DEL technology enables the screening of thousand-fold more compounds.

"We are excited to now start the validation work with these molecules. LPL binders are scarce, but we now have several interesting hits in different compound classes to explore. While still early in the drug development process and according to previously communicated plan, this is a significant step and means that we have reached a milestone," said Dr. Stefan K. Nilsson, CEO of Lipigon.

"Lipigon is internationally recognized for its expertise in lipid biology. We are pleased to prove the strength of our DEL platform once again by generating compounds that can be the starting points for a lipoprotein lipase enhancing therapy. We look forward to continued work with the Lipigon team and continued advancements in the field of lipid biology," said Dr. Jin Li, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of HitGen.

Lipigon and HitGen currently collaborate on two targets. Lipigon will be responsible for clinical development and out-licensing of commercialization rights of the drug candidates. HitGen is entitled to a starting fee and revenue sharing for any candidate resulting from the collaboration.

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Stefan K. Nilsson, CEO, Lipigon
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This is an English translation of the Swedish original. In case of discrepancies, the Swedish original shall prevail.

About Lipigon
Lipigon develops novel therapeutics for patients with lipid metabolism disorders. The company is based on over 50 years of lipid research at Umeå University, Sweden. Lipigon's initial focus is on orphan drugs and niche indications, but in the long term, the company will have the opportunity to target broader indications in the area, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Lipigon's pipeline includes four active projects: the RNA-drug Lipisense, for treatment of hypertriglyceridemia; an RNA-drug for treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome; a gene therapy treatment for the rare disease lipodystrophy, together with Combigene AB (publ); and a small molecule program for treatment of dyslipidemia in collaboration with HitGen (Inc).

The company's share (LPGO) is traded on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Certified Adviser is G&W Fondkommission, email:, phone: +46 8 503 000 50.

About HitGen Inc.
HitGen Inc. is a rapidly developing biotech company headquartered in Chengdu, China, with subsidiaries in Cambridge, UK and Houston, USA. It became a publicly listed company on Shanghai Stock Exchange in April 2020 (ticker code 688222.SH). HitGen has established an industry-leading platform for early-stage drug discovery research, based on DNA encoded chemical libraries (DELs).

HitGen is collaborating with pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical companies, foundations and research institutes in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia to enable the discovery and development of novel medicines and agrochemicals.

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Lipigon Pharmaceuticals AB ("Lipigon") deltog i förra veckan i European Lipoprotein Clubs forskarmöte i Tutzing i Tyskland. Det var vd Stefan K. Nilssons femte och sista år i organisationskommittén.


Lipigon Pharmaceuticals AB ("Lipigon") meddelar i dag att vd Stefan K. Nilsson har köpt aktier i Lipigon till ett sammanlagt värde om 67 800 kr till ett genomsnittspris om 1,905 kronor per aktie.


Lipigon Pharmaceuticals AB ("Lipigon") publicerar i dag sin delårsrapport för perioden 1 januari-30 juni 2022. Delårsrapporten i sin helhet finns tillgänglig som bifogad fil samt på bolagets hemsida, Nedan följer en kort sammanfattning.


Företrädesemissionen i Lipigon Pharmaceuticals AB (publ) ("Bolaget" eller "Lipigon") är nu registrerad vid Bolagsverket och betalda tecknade aktier (BTA) kommer därmed att omvandlas till aktier. Sista dag för handel med BTA är den 14 juli 2022. Avstämningsdag hos Euroclear är den 18 juli 2022, varefter BTA omvandlas till aktier. De nyemitterade aktierna beräknas att bokas in på respektive depå/VP-konto den 20 juli 2022.


Lipigon Pharmaceuticals AB (publ) ("Bolaget" eller "Lipigon") meddelar härmed utfallet i den företrädesemission av aktier som offentliggjordes den 3 maj 2022 och som godkändes av extra bolagsstämma den 19 maj 2022 ("Företrädesemissionen"). Företrädesemissionen har tecknats till cirka 17,6 MSEK, motsvarande en teckningsgrad om cirka 69,9 procent, vilket innebär att cirka 20,1 procent av Företrädesemissionens totala *volym tilldelas emissionsgaranterna. Lipigon tillförs således cirka 22,6 MSEK, motsvarande 90 procent av Företrädesemissionens totala volym.


Lipigon beslutade i maj om en nyemission av aktier om drygt 21 MSEK med företrädesrätt för Lipigons aktieägare. Vd Stefan K. Nilsson har intervjuats i flera kanaler om bolaget, det nya läget och vad emissionslikviden kommer att användas till.


Hämning av målproteinet ANGPTL4 sänker triglycerid- och glukosnivåerna i blodet. Genom målsökande behandling av levern undviks kända biverkningar som annars kan uppstå om hela organismen behandlas. Det visar en ny studie utförd av Lipigon och dess nederländska samarbetspartner.


Inhibition of the target protein ANGPTL4 lowers triglyceride and glucose levels in the blood, according to a new study conducted by Lipigon and its Dutch partners. Targeted treatment of the liver avoids known side effects that might otherwise occur if the whole organism is treated.


Lipigon Pharmaceuticals AB (publ) ("Bolaget" eller "Lipigon") offentliggör idag det informationsmemorandum som upprättats med anledning av Bolagets tidigare meddelade företrädesemission av aktier ("Företrädesemissionen"). Informationsmemorandumet och annan relevant information kommer finnas tillgängligt på Bolagets hemsida,, på Stockholm Corporate Finance AB:s hemsida,, samt på Nordic Issuing AB:s hemsida,


Lipigon Pharmaceuticals AB ("Lipigon") har meddelat att bolagets läkemedelskandidat Lipisense på tisdagen för första gången har getts till människa. Doseringen skedde inom ramen för fas I-studien.


Lipigon Pharmaceuticals AB ("Lipigon") has announced that their drug candidate Lipisense has been given to humans for the first time. The phase I clinical trial began on Tuesday.


Lipigons vd Stefan K. Nilsson höll två presentationer om Lipisense på tisdagskvällen vid EAS Congress 2022 i Milano, den största årliga kongressen om åderförfettning i Europa. "Jag möttes av ett stort internationellt intresse för vår läkemedelskandidat Lipisense", säger Stefan K. Nilsson.



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